Maestro Holbrow is the Head Fencing Master and founder of Bucks County Academy of Fencing. Maestro Holbrow holds his fencing master's certification from the United States Fencing Coaches Association and the Academie D'armes Internationale. He studied under Stan Sieja, Head Fencing Master for Princeton University, for

Maestro Mark Holbrow
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Lisa Martini started as a beginner at BCAF in 1996 and enjoyed fencing for 4 years. She is now Co-owner and Operations Manager of BCAF. Ms. Martini is here to answer questions, help with equipment ordering, keep track of class payments and schedules, etc. Please feel free to contact her with any questions, comments or

Lisa Martini
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Maestro Flint is a Fencing Master certified by the US Fencing Coaches Association and the Academie d' Armes Internationale. He studied with Stan Sieja, Fencing Master and former head coach at Princeton University, Lajos Csiszar Fencing Master of Salle Csiszar and former head fencing coach at University of Pennsylvania,

Maestro James Flint
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Dirk Goldgar is certified by the USFCA and rated AAI in foil, epee and sabre. He is an independent computer consultant who resides in Pennington and has been an instructor with BCAF for over 14 years. He has over 18 years of extensive competition experience in foil and epee. He has dominated foil competitions at BCAF and

Dirk Goldgar
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Jim Ferrone is certified by the USFCA in foil and epee. He started fencing for North Hunterdon High School in 1987 and began instruction under Maestro Holbrow in

Jim Ferrone
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Jon Kurpaska began fencing foil at the BCAF in 2002. He took up fencing for a graduation project while in high school and has been fencing ever since. Jon was

Jon Kurpaska
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BCAF is a registered club of the United States Fencing Association, and is recognized by the United States Fencing Coaches Association as a Guild Academy for the size and quality of the facility and for the accreditation of its staff. BCAF boasts two Fencing Masters, one Prevot (apprentice Master) and six Moniteurs (instructors) on its staff, all certified by the USFCA. USFCA accreditation is also recognized by the Academie D'armes Internationale.


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