Frequently asked questions

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Students are expected to be on time and consistent in their class attendance, i.e., they are requested to attend the same class or classes on the same night as much as possible in the interests of continuity and scheduling.  However, they may make up missed classes on alternative days during the week at the discretion of the instructor of that class. This is to ensure the safety of students and instructors.  Students who are regular attendees of a particular class have priority if space in the class is limited.  If are going to be away for a month or more, upon your return, you will need to verify that there is still space available in your previous class.

Monthly Membership Fee: The Membership Fee is due on a month-to-month basis, 12 months a year, regardless of number of classes taken. No long-term contracts are required, however a $200 re-activation fee will be assessed for terminating and reactivating A membership.